Pleasant Hill Academy
My Tomorrow Vision 2020 Environmental Science
The New Environmental Science Program at Pleasant Hill Academy.
So, what does this mean for our students?
Learners will grow into leaders with Pleasant Hill Academy's new Environmental Science focus, the first public school program of its kind in the region! Designed to inspire curiosity, encourage exploration, promote leadership and crtical thinking skills.  The Environmental Science Program will take full advantage of the school's extensive, 18-acre grounds to offer hands-on learning across all subject areas.
At P.H.A. students won't just learn academic concepts, they will see them in action through experiential learning in the schools resource-rich outdoor classroom.
What are the benefits of an Environmental Science Program?
  • Hands-on outdoor learning experiences aligned with the classroom lessons to show how to apply what they are learning in the real world.
  • Activities that peek student's curiosty and self-discovery, which fosters critical thinking skills.
  • Opportunities to design student/teacher-led project based activities.
  • Creative nature exploration for preschoolers that build problem-solving and social skills.
  • Enrichment opportunities that include real-life experiences and community events.


To stay current and view pictures on what's happening with Pleasant Hills new Environmental Science program you can visit us on Facebook at: PleasantHillAcademy1350.  Please log on and like our page!


We are very much looking forward to a brand new school year full of enriched learning and endless possibilities!

Shauna McDowell, Principal