Pleasant Hill Academy
Principal's Message 
mcdowell  At Pleasant Hill Academy we strive to obtain personal and academic excellence.  Our school has been very fortunate to have exceptional teachers and staff, who continually work hard to create an ideal learning environment for each student. The entire staff is excited to work with our students, parents and community throughout the year.  As we continue onward you and your children will get the chance to participate in exciting new opportunities.  We already hosted a Literacy night for parents to learn and gather information on how to make their child a better reader. Today, students participate in wonderful activities such as, ballroom dancing, self-defense class, Zumba and many more.  In addition to the pyhsical activities that our students are involved in we also have an after-school academic hour and tutors that help students during and after school to assist them with their studies.  In partnership with our parents and community support, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all children.  Parent Involvement is not only part of what helps P. Hill thrive it is also crucial to the growth of your child. We welcome you to come to conferences our call to schedule an appointment to discuss your child's progress and learn more about the great things that are happening at Pleasant Hill Academy!
Thank you for continued support,
Principal, Shauna McDowell



The Four Pillars 

Educate: Pleasant Hill provides education by formal instruction and supervised practice in all academic content areas, such as Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. We also strive to teach students how to be socially responsible at all times.

Engage: The ultimate engagement is to put the learner in charge of learning. Create a rich learning environment and a motivation to learn, and the students do all the hard work of learning, while the teacher merely facilitates.

Enable: Students are given the abilities or opportunities to problem solve tasks on their own so that they may draw their own conclusions.

Empower: We continue to empower our students to take ownership of the choices they make so that they will learn and grow from their own personal outcomes.