Pleasant Hill Academy

While students are at Pleasant Hill Academy they are on a "Journey to Excellence" — building a solid foundation so that they can be successful in life.

Children begin their journey in preschool, being nurtured and encouraged to grow in a caring environment. This atmosphere continues to build student confidence through the sixth grade, providing students with a supportive feeling of family.

Teams of teachers at each grade level work together to develop strategies to help every child learn. Small groups are used to reinforce new concepts; learning centers provide activities and games to improve skills taught in the classroom; and data is gathered and studied to provide teachers with information to individualize lessons meeting each child's needs.

Academics are enhanced by opportunities to develop active, involved students. Cincy After School provides enrichment activities, field-trips and tutoring. Community service projects help students understand the importance of giving back to the neighborhood and developing responsibility.

Parents and the community, in turn, improve the lives of Pleasant Hill's children and families. Mental health services are provided by Central Clinic. The Cincinnati Health Department has a full-time nurse on staff at the school. Area businesses mentor and tutor. Other organizations, such as M2SE help enrich students' life experiences. The school has an active Parent Teacher Organization and a Parent Center where parents can get involved in their children's education.

Students end their journey at Pleasant Hill Academy as well-rounded individuals with a solid academic background, ready to enter high school and continue on life's road.

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Now Coming to Parents’ Phones
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Pleasant Hill receives Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant for 4th year!!!
Read here about this opportunity.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications should be completed and submitted as soon as possible. Click here to apply online.  

A Note to Parents: Research has proven that reading to your child 20 minutes per day helps them to perform better in school. Make reading a habit in your home, and you will give your child the best chance at being a successful student. Read more

Mercy Health will be opening a school-based health clinic at Pleasant Hill starting August 21st. Family Nurse Practitioner Marilyn Lessing will be on site from 7:30-3:30pm on Monday's, Tuesday's, and Thursday's, and can see both adults and children for medical care, referrals for dental care, and other healthcare provider resources for students, teachers, and staff. Click here to learn more about Mercy Health Partners.

The Cincinnati Board of Education recognizes Pleasant Hill students, staff and parents Dec. 8th.  They are excited about the direction P. Hill is headed starting with the exceptional results we received on the O.A.A.

December 15th thru the 18th there will be no Afterschool program.