Grades K-3

At Pleasant Hill Academy, we set high expectations for our students. We are a data-driven school. Our academic focus for grades K-3 includes the following programs and strategies.

Core Subjects

Reading and Language Arts

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Journeys series, as well as books from the public library, provide a rich reading and writing experience for students. Early literacy is stressed through continued assessment and flexible grouping.

student holding a cricketScience

Students learn best by doing, so Pleasant Hill Academy focuses on science with a hands-on approach through project-based learning. Through the combined use of science kits and textbooks, students are exposed to all the sciences that appeal to all learners.


The Math department provides students with a strong foundation in the understanding of math. Realizing that not all students learn in the same fashion, we address the learning styles of all students by using tools such as My Math, IXL, Ten Marks and Khan Academy.

Social Studies

The goal is to mold students into responsible, active citizens. Students examine the experiences of various cultural groups as they immigrated to America. They delve into the study of the function of the U.S. Government and the rights and responsibilities of its citizens.

Other Advantages of a Pleasant Hill Academy Education

Other features of Pleasant Hill's academic program for grades K-3 include:

  • Grades K-3 receive 120 minutes for ELA and 90 minutes for Math.
  • Pleasant Hill is part of the Elementary Initiative, providing additional resources and support to help students thrive academically.
  • We use several computer programs that can be used at both school and home to make reading fun for grades K-3.
  • Tutoring opportunities may be provided through the 21st century grant.
  • Students and families can use counseling services through Central Clinic's "Ready-to-Learn" program.
  • Field trips are scheduled to enhance student's academic experience and as incentives for positive behavior.